Welcome to my new website.

I'm happy you found me in this big big world ;-).


My name is Caroline, I live in Switzerland and I love everything crafty, sewing and photography. Also I do 'suffer' from a few chronical illnesses and, therefore, I'll do an almost-daily section which is about my life as an I'mperfect and disabled human being. I hope you like what you see and read. I'd be more than happy if you leave a comment or write me an email.






Tiny yet important note:

My native language is German and this is why some articles will be in German. 







Hübeliacker 3b

5034 Suhr

Schweiz / Switzerland


Vielen Dank für deinen Respekt im Umgang mit meinen Bildern und Text. Bitte fragt mich an um Texte oder Bilder zu reposten.

Thank you for respecting my rights on pictures and text. To repost please ask me.